Project on automation of HR record management and payroll calculation

EMERCOM of Russia

EMERCOM of Russia

Business objectives

Justification of the project:
1. Increase in labour productivity by reducing the time to perform operations
2. Reduction of time expenditure for training new employees to work with the system
3. Reducing downtime and non-nominal situations through the use of intuitive and functional software.


Expert advice automation of HR record management and payroll calculation in the organisation on the basis of 1С: Payroll and HR management.

In the course of project implementation we:

  1. Transferred the employees’ and payroll data for the 2-year period from previous DBMS in order to ensure automated calculation of average indicators in the new system.
  2. Configured standard and individual types of calculation as well as their relationships in the new system taking into account the specifics of the accruals in the organisation.
  3. Configured data exchange between 1C configurations.
  4. Held training for employees on the work with the system.

Goals achieved: implementation of 1C: Payroll and HR management, training of the HR department personnel to work with the system. Automation of all company tasks associated with HR record management, payroll calculation, printing of regulated accruals and tax forms for employees and funds, generation of regulated reports.