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Employee’s office PC or manager’s tablet PC that accompanies him/her in the business trips contains important corporate information, which should not fall into the hands of third parties. Daily, more than a hundred new viruses appear, scammers work on creation of malware capable to obtain information in order to blackmail or extort money, and where it is the case of large-scale companies, it may result in wrecking and complete destruction of data.

Statistics stubbornly proves that the scale of virus attacks are growing annually.

However, purchase of antivirus software is a task that often is performed for show. Often, the installed antivirus programmes do not perform their tasks but just slow down the device and create inconvenience to employees.

Along with the growth of the arsenal and the severity of remedies, the scale of malware development business grows. Therefore, the work on security is a recurrent task. It is a systematic and very labour-consuming work.


When choosing a suitable means of protection, one should be based on the level of risk. You must understand what data need to be protected and from what threats to protect, as well as what inconvenience you are ready to stand for that purpose. Application of modern means of protection that cover all areas of digital environment will allow you feel at ease in your work and daily life.

Antivirus protection along with a number of administrative measures allows qualitative minimising the risks of loss of corporate and personal data. This means that you are on top of situation and have secured the work process from external interference.


  • safe work with web-sites
  • real-time protection
  • protection from e-mail junk
  • detection of vulnerabilities
  • network traffic monitoring
  • network traffic encryption
  • backupping files
  • restricting access to potentially dangerous web-sites
  • protecting access to peripheral devices

This is not an exhaustive list of functions performed by the modern means of antivirus protection. Our company is a partner of the majority of producers in this industry.


We will help you determine how to build an antivirus protection system properly.

We will identify vulnerabilities in the existing system.

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